About Naomi House

Our Story

Naomi House is a Ministry of City Church. We opened our doors on October 1, 2017. We are a seven bedroom transitional home for newly arriving refugees and refugee claimants (asylum seekers) in Winnipeg.

Also housed in the facility is City Connexions (CCx) and the offices of City Church.

CCx is a ministry that helps new comers to Winnipeg transition into life in Canada. In the past CCx has helped hundreds of newcomers, who have basic English skills, find employment. CCx has also helped with homework clubs, seminars and EAL (English as and Additional Language) programs.

Come for a Tour

If you or your group would like a tour of Naomi House or would like to discuss volunteer opportunities, or have a skill you would like to offer, please stop by and see us between 9:30-4:30. We can make arrangements if you have a small group that would like to come by sometime. Please contact Jyoti for more information.


Please watch the following videos for more information on Naomi House.