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Naomi House began in 2017 as a ministry of City Church of Winnipeg. Our facility is a seven-bedroom home for newly arriving refugees and refugee claimants. Our staff includes individuals on faith support, part-time staff, and volunteers.

In 2020, we received Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) status with the Canadian government. The SAH program, our largest focus, is uniquely Canadian, and allows us to sponsor specific refugees to Canada. As a result, we can address unique situations such as refugee family reunification, resettlement of Christians who are persecuted in their home countries, and refugees who have no hope or future apart from sponsorship.

Approximately 15 people live at Naomi House per year. Ideally, residents are paired with a Canadian host family to provide a strong foundation for adapting to Canada. Naomi House programs include sewing, ESL, trauma care, driving instruction, as well as workshops hosted throughout the year.

While Naomi House is a ministry of City Church of Winnipeg, we strive to be a blessing to all of Winnipeg’s evangelical churches.

Naomi House is dependent on donations from individuals, churches, and foundations. Donate now to Naomi House.

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